Face Reading

Face reading astrology or Physiognomy is very useful and just like any other science such as astrology or palmistry and will help you learn more about a person and their personality traits. It can also help you to understand the inherent characteristics and nature of a person. We can know about a person and his fate just by looking at his face and his body parts. Different types of faces reflect different personalities.

One can judge the person very easily with this technique. Face reading is not a new science or research; it has existed since the time of Aristotle. Regarding face reading or appearance, there is an infinite history and extensive literature. The classic literature about reading faces of Homer and Hippocrates was also discovered.
Here, we will introduce some face reading techniques
Round Face
People with a round face are known as a water-shaped person. They have plump and fleshy faces. These people are emotional in nature. They are sensitive and caring people. They generally have strong sexual fantasies. These people are the right choice for a long-term and stable relationship.
Oblong Face
The long, thin face is referred to as the wood-shaped face. These people may moreover have muscular or athletic physique. They are believed to be practical, methodical, and tend to be more hard working than others. They may be weighed together with narcissism and will have tough relationships.
Triangular Face
These face shapes are usually related to having a slender body and are intellectual. They are creative and have a fiery temperament. They are able to make a big impact on anyone with their wisdom.
Square Face
Square faces are called metal-shaped faces. These people are smart, analytical and have determined minds. Square Face shape is related to aggressiveness and dominance.
Rectangular face
People with rectangular faces are also honest, humble and diplomatic. These types of people are the best in leadership and that is why they are also in good positions in work.
Convex-Concave Face
The top face is convex, and the bottom is concave. These people are said to have dominant personalities. They are also related to the deliberate and possessive nature of concave contours.

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